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A Place Where Everyone Feels At Home

To reach back and help to pull forward those in need of a home.


A New View on Renting

Aribis Group is a Residential Real Estate Development and Rentals company with properties catering to families in the state of Georgia, targeting the following cities: Atlanta, Columbus, Augusta, and Macon.

Our Perspective

Focus on Building Townhomes

Townhomes with attached garages to eliminate the feel of a rental community.

Building Rental Communities

Building communities for families and providing a peace of mind.

Providing a Helping Hand

Support those in the community in finding their path to residential stability.

Community Based Asset Building

Help families in need with homes while assisting them with the creation of family wealth.

The Rental Experience

Aribis Group is centered around developing multi-family residential rental properties in Georgia. These are Class A properties that are professionally managed by third party property management companies. We are targeting middle class families transitioning in and out of home ownership. This market will be well served considering the current housing shortage in Georgia.

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