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A Place Where Everyone Feels at Home

Aribis Group is a Residential Real Estate Development and Rentals company with properties catering to families in the state of Georgia, targeting the following cities: Atlanta, Columbus, Augusta, and Macon.


Building Rentals with Family Focus

Currently, Georgia’s housing market is undersupplied due to the 2008 recession, which derived from the housing bubble. There is constant growth occurring in the state of Georgia with new housing predominantly focused around the Atlanta Metro Area. In this regard, Aribis Group’s targeted cities are Atlanta, Columbus, Augusta, and Macon, which averages a -1.8% housing availability between the four cities as of 2020.


Aribis Group focuses on developing rentals that cater to families transitioning to and from home ownership. Ideally, the targeted families would consist of four to five members. These families will have the largest benefit from renting in a community of our newly developed townhomes with attached garages.


Creating Modern Communities

Building communities that gives a sense of home, and where memories can be built.

Community Asset Building

Creating family wealth for those in need by helping them achieve home ownership.

Giving Back

The more we build, the more people we can help. This is key to providing balance to Aribis Group.


Family First

We target families seeking two and three bedrooms. 


Foundation of Our Core Principles

For Aribis Group, being able to create sustainable and profitable properties, create a community driven environment, and giving back will always be the primary intention. The ultimate goal is to supply people transitioning into and out of home ownership with adequate rental solutions during this process. Aribis Group will primarily target the middle class population and use a percentage of annual profits for separate projects to assist families in need of a home, which ultimately will add value to the community wherever those developments are located. Having the ability to separately assist families as our business grows will always be a staple for Aribis Group.


A business model that spotlights charity and community asset growth helps bring life, vitality, and balance. These counterweights nourish loyalty, commitment, and a companionship that keeps not only Aribis Group striving but also the community we support. Aribis Group has chosen the path of integrity as the backbone for growth, maturation, and success. Thus, at the end of the day, the more we build and the more successful we are - the more families we have the opportunity to help.

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